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Neuroscience: Introductory Neuroscience

NSCI 095 OL1 (CRN: 61426)

3 Credit Hours—Section is Full.

For crosslists see: AS 095 OL3

The course NSCI 095 OL1 is currently full.

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About NSCI 095 OL1

The aim of this course is to introduce fundamental concepts in Neuroscience. The course will be broken into four modules; 1. Electrical properties of the neuron, 2. Synapses and networks, 3. Sensory systems, and 4. Beyond the cell. In addition, throughout the course there will be a student-led discovery of expression, structure and function of a gene of interest and how it relates to human disease. Lectures will be asynchronous to allow students to work on their own time. I will be checking in to blackboard several times a day during the course and will hold office hours on Microsoft Teams. You can expect a response from me usually within a few hours or first thing in the morning if you post later at night.


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High School & Pre-College Programs


Dates: July 6 - July 30, 2021; Summer Academy Course; Non-residential High School students only; Continuing & Distance Education Dean's Ofc Permission only, Please contact 802-656-2085; Cross listed w/AS 095 OL3; For tuition and fee information please use this link: Total overall cross listed capacity is 25

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