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Computer Science: Cybersecurity Defense

CS 167 OL1 (CRN: 61312)

3 Credit Hours

About CS 167 OL1

Cyber defense policy, privacy, ethics; network threat defense, intrusion detection systems, intro to penetration testing, OS security principles, system/network admin, cloud, mobile and IoT security; overview of security planning, management and incident response. Prerequisite: CS 166 or CS 266.


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Computer Software Certification


Dates: July 6 - August 13, 2021

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Section Description

This course builds on the material covered in CS166 - Cybersecurity Principles, with an emphasis on cyber defense. Topics include cyber defense policy, privacy and ethics; network threat defense, intrusion detection and prevention systems, intro to penetration testing, operating system security principles, system/network admin basics, as well as cloud, mobile and IoT security. The course concludes with an overview of security planning, management and incident response. Note: we will use the same textbook as CS166, but please budget for a $90 virtual lab fee. Prior programming experience is expected, particularly proficiency in Python. Prerequisites: CS166 [which has CS021 and CS008]

Section Expectation

Learning Objectives: Understand key concepts related to cyber defense policy, privacy, and ethics Gain a solid foundation of network threat defense mechanisms / countermeasures Understand the role of intrusion detection and prevention systems Understand fundamental security design principles as applied to operating systems Gain exposure to common techniques used in penetration testing Understand the basic functions performed by system and network administrators Understand security concepts in cloud computing models Gain exposure to mobile device and Internet of Things (IoT) security Be able to develop a comprehensive security strategy, including security planning, business continuity planning, risk analysis and disaster/recovery planning


The course grade is comprised of a variety of assignments, virtual labs, quizzes, a final exam/project, and concept assignments.




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