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English: D1:Race&Ethnic Lit Stds:Intro

ENGS 057 OL3 (CRN: 62029)

3 Credit Hours

About ENGS 057 OL3

Introductory courses addressing the representation and construction of "race" in literature and/or the contributions of ethnically diverse writers to the American culture. Focus and readings vary by instructor. May be repeated for credit with different content.


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Dates: July 13 - August 7, 2020

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Section Description

“I Can’t Breathe” has become an important chant among BlackLivesMatter activists in the United States, particularly in the wake of multiple instances of innocent lives being lost. Within recent years, the group the hardest hit has been black trans women. This introductory course addresses the representation and construction of race and the contributions of ethnically diverse writers in American literature. Our course will address issues of systemic and institutionalized racism as they intersect with sexuality, gender, and class. We will explore how the construction of a Black male identity is represented in novels, short stories, poems, and documentaries.

Section Expectation

Below are the texts for my July ENGS 057 Race/Ethnicity course James Baldwin Giovanni’s Room 0345806565 E. Lynn Harris’s Invisible Life 0385469683 James Earl Hardy’s B-boy Blues 1555832687 Nella Larsen's Passing Audre Lorde’s Zami 0895941228 Toni Morrison Playing in the Dark 0679745424


Four five-page papers 60% Video Assignment [ 5 minutes] 10% Posting assignments/discussion participation: 30%




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