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Comm Sciences & Disorders: Explore Speech & Lan Disorders

CSD 396 OL1 (CRN: 61969)

1 to 18 Credit Hours

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Dates: May 18 - August 7, 2020; Available credits: 1-3; Prereqs: CSD 322; Full course title: Exploration of Speech Language and Language Disorders & Differences

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Section Description

This practicum course is designed for graduate students in speech-language pathology to obtain clinical experiences in assessment and intervention using simulation to obtain up to 75 hours as allowed by ASHA. Simulations will be completed asynchronously. A weekly small group synchronous meeting with assigned supervisors will be held for preview, questions, feedback and debriefing of assigned clinical stories assigned. This course will also include supervised practicum experiences with children and adults presenting disorders of speech and language completed via tele-practice format through the UVM Eleanor M. Luse Center.

Section Expectation

This course combines direct client contact through tele-practice as well as simulations coupled weekly debriefings. Students should expect to spend 12 hours a week on simulations; 3 hours a week on debriefing meetings and 5-7 hours a week for tele-practice clients and associated documentation. Required materials for this course are: 1. Simucase registration fee.


Grades are based on two different criteria: 1. transcript Review for Simucases. Grade report and hour approval completed by assigned Clinical Educator at the end of each week on CALIPSO. Citizenship and Participation in weekly Simucase meetings with supervisor will be counted within this grade. 2. Grades for tele-practice opportunities via the UVM Eleanor M. Luse Center will be CALIPSO grade report and hour approval completed at end of summer semester by assigned Clinical Educators.




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