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Environmental Studies: Native Pollinators -Ecol&Consv

ENVS 195 OL2 (CRN: 61858)

3 Credit Hours

About ENVS 195 OL2

When it comes to pollination, honeybees get all the credit—but the majority of the work is done by a diverse group of organisms that call Vermont home. There are nearly 300 species of native bees in Vermont alone, and they are responsible for pollinating 80% of our flowering plants, and 66% of our food. Not to mention the dozens of species of butterflies, thousands of species of moths, myriad birds, beetles, and flies that all contribute to the cause. Rapidly declining populations of pollinators across the board have spurred a worldwide movement to conserve essential habitat, preserve biodiversity, and integrate pollinator conservation into our urban and agricultural areas. This course will introduce the knowledge and skill sets needed to be a part of the solution, including field methods and survey techniques. The specimens and data collected in the field portion of the course will contribute to ongoing pollinator monitoring and conservation projects in Vermont.



Dates: June 15 - July 10, 2020

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An introduction to Vermont's native pollinators with a focus on ecology, conservation, and field techniques. Lab will explore basic methods for surveying pollinator diversity and abundance in the field."




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