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Business Administration: Prof. Development Series III

BSAD 202 OL1 (CRN: 61596)

1 Credit Hour

About BSAD 202 OL1

Seminar series focusing on engagement and professional development with a focus on transitioning from University life to the work world. Prerequisites: BSAD 102; Business Administration major; minimum Junior standing.



Dates: June 15 - July 10, 2020 Prereq: BSAD102

More Information

Section Description

The Professional Development Series was developed to offer GSB students 1 credit, pass/no pass courses which promote engagement in GSB and career/professional preparedness. The intent of the courses is to give students a consistent set of resources, experiences, and opportunities within their curriculum, building throughout the 3 courses from basic building blocks in PDS I to more independent and customized activities in PDS III. PDS III (BSAD202) is offered completely on-line with the primary goal of helping students navigate the campus to career transition, i.e. targeting the job search, growing a professional network, managing personal finances, seeking a mentor, negotiating salaries, choosing benefit packages, and preparing for the workplace environment.

Section Expectation

This class is built around 4 Modules - Each Module covers a week period. Week 1 focuses on Targeting the Job Search, Week 2 Seeking a Mentor & Financial Management, Week 3 Negotiating Salary & Workplace Environment, and Week 4 Choosing a Benefit Package & Formal Assignment


You will be assessed through class discussions on discussion board, 2 quizzes, a Personal Budget and the formal assignment.




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