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Art History: Western Art:Ancient - Medieval

ARTH 005 OL1 (CRN: 61414)

3 Credit Hours

About ARTH 005 OL1

Introduction to the visual arts, primarily painting, sculpture, and architecture in the Western world from prehistoric through Gothic.


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Dates: June 15 - July 10, 2020

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Section Description

This course is an introduction to the artistic developments in Western Art from the cave paintings of the prehistoric period through the Gothic Cathedrals of the 13th C. CE. The focus is on monuments of architecture, sculpture and painting, which are analyzed in terms of their formal aspects, their stylistic associations, their symbolic content, and the their historical and societal contexts.

Section Expectation

This course is a summer, on-line version of the course taught over the normal 14 week academic semester. It has been compressed to fit into the four week summer term, but it has not been radically altered in terms of content or what is expected. Each week is devoted to a module which covers several chapters in the textbook. A module is subdivided into units, and units are correspond with the chapters. For each module there is multiple-choice exam, several assignments, and on-line presentations that treat issues in each chapter.


There are four on-line multiple-choice examinations, two short written examinations (mid-term and final), and several assignments for each module.




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