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Human Development & Fam Stdies: Family Context of Development

HDFS 060 OL1 (CRN: 61251)

3 Credit Hours

About HDFS 060 OL1

Developmental ecological approach to analysis of the family as a system in which individuals develop.


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Dates: June 15 - August 7 2020

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Section Description

HDFS 060 is an introductory course on development of family relationships and systems. Students learn to apply a develecological perspective combining developmental and ecological principles, to describe how families are formed, change over time, and shape the development of the individuals who make up the family. The course is open to any student; there are no pre-requisites. I plan for the course to be mostly self-paced, within a schedule that will keep all of us relatively on the same page. I’ll be expecting students to do specific readings for each week and complete a brief written assignment or two each week, but you will be able to choose what days and hours during the week [or weekend] you devote to the course. I won’t try to have any synchronous meetings—meetings where we are all on line together. I’ll try to schedule some times when I can be available for individual questions and chat, but even those will be flexible to fit each student’s needs. My intention is to have the course allow students flexibility to work, as needed, if they have jobs, and to avoid the stress of having to be in front of a screen at particular times. Note that this plan requires each student to be responsible to set times to work on the course regularly and to keep up with reading and assignments.

Section Expectation

In the on-line version, HDFS 060 is a fast-paced, largely self-directed course. There are audio and video presentations by the instructor and required submissions in several forms. There are two main texts and a dozen or more additional readings. One text is an introduction to develecology; the other is an introduction to development of families. Students are expected to read and understand the assigned materials and apply the concepts presented in course materials to interpret them. Written assignments are designed to help students understand and apply the material of the course. There are several formal written assignments, one objective exam on develecology, in-class writing exercises, and a comprehensive final examination. The objective midterm can be retaken until it is passed. The instructor welcomes questions and encourages discussion among students.


Grades are based on the total number of points accumulated on all assignments.




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