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Art Studio: Drawing

ARTS 001 OL1 (CRN: 60013)

3 Credit Hours

About ARTS 001 OL1

Introductory study of visual experience through drawing and its transformation of the three-dimensional visual world onto a two-dimensional surface. Emphasis varies with Instructor.


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Dates: July 13 - Aug 7, 2020; Lab Fee $130.00; This is a 3 credit studio art class which requires more contact hours than a conventional course.

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Section Description

In this online class, drawing is used as a method for inquiry – a way of finding things out, of noticing not just what we see, but how. Drawing is used as a way of asking "what happens if . . . " and then following that question towards a result that can be studied, analyzed, and discussed. Along the way, we’ll study the physical and formal practices and processes of drawing; how to build pictorial, representational space through line, shape, plane, and mark making; and the conceptual practice; how artists of the past and present use drawing to think about culture, the visible world, and socio-political issues. Built on the premise that there is no single “way” to draw, the class explores a number of possibilities and approaches to the “what”, “when”, “why”, “where”, and “how” of drawing today.




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