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BSAD 030 OL1 is closed to new enrollment.

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Business Administration: Decision Analysis

BSAD 030 OL1 (CRN: 61906)

3 Credit Hours

About BSAD 030 OL1

Introduces students to the tools and techniques necessary for effective decision-making in business organizations operating in a complex and dynamic environment. Prerequisites: MATH 019 or MATH 021; STAT 141 or STAT 143 or EC 170; or PSYS 053 and PSYS 054; Business Administration, Computer Science and Information Systems, and Engineering Management majors; Business Administration Minor; Minimum Sophomore standing.



Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019; Pre-reqs: MATH 019 or MATH 021 and STAT 141 or STAT 143 or EC 170 or PSYS 053 and 054.

More Information

Section Description

BSAD 30 is an introductory Decision Analysis / Quantitative Methods course for undergraduates. The goal of this class is to provide students with a conceptual understanding of the role quantitative methods play in the decision-making process. There are many types of quantitative approaches. Students are introduced to a number of “common” quantitative methods/approaches to increase their awareness and understanding of different approaches, improve their decision-making and critical thinking skills, and improve their technical, quantitative, and analytical abilities. BSAD 30 is required for all business students. Some topics that are covered include: 1) basic models of revenue, cost, and profit, 2) a refresher on statistical experiments and sample space and the use of basic descriptive statistics, 3) discrete and continuous random variables and different probability distributions, 4) decision analysis with and without probabilities, 5) setting up, solving, and interpreting basic linear programming models graphically and using MS Solver (software), 5) sensitivity analysis, 6) supply chain / transportation problems (assignment, shortest-path, transshipment), 7) simple and multiple linear regression, 8) time series analysis and forecasting, and 9) PERT/CPM.

Section Expectation

Prerequisites include BSAD 40, MATH 019 (or MATH 021), STAT 141 We will be using MS Excel (with advanced add-ins) extensively in class. Students need a computer that can run the MS Windows application suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.). If you have a MAC this means that you will need to be able run any MS applications we are using. (MS = Microsoft Corp.). The Ifshin lab computers will work if you do not own a computer. Students are responsible for keeping up with all lecture material, reading, and HW. The schedule summarizes the material covered in each class, due dates, and has links to all reading and notes. Please note that this is a four-week class. We will be moving quickly and you will need to make sure to keep up with the material. Waiting until assignments or tests are due to go back and attempt to learn material is not a good way to approach the class. I would encourage you to check the Blackboard site every day and plan to spend 20-30 hours a week on reading, note review, and problem solving.


It is important that students recognize different types of problems and know how to set up and solve different problems and interpret output. The class has an individual focus as opposed to a group or team focus. Grades will consist of approximately 90% test scores and 10% HW.




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