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STAT 211 OL1 is closed to new enrollment.

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Statistics: QR: Statistical Methods I

STAT 211 OL1 (CRN: 61785)

3 Credit Hours

About STAT 211 OL1

Fundamental concepts for data analysis and experimental design. Descriptive and inferential statistics, including classical and nonparametric methods, regression, correlation, and analysis of variance. Statistical software. Prerequisite: Minimum Junior standing or STAT 141 or STAT 143 and Instructor permission. Cross-listed with: BIOS 211.


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Pre-Master of Accountancy


Dates: May 20 - July 12, 2019

More Information

Section Description

STAT 211 is a course intended for advanced undergraduates or graduate students as a first course in Statistical Methods or as a second introductory course for students who have already taken another introductory course, but plan to take more statistics courses at the 200 level.

Section Expectation

STAT 211 will use OpenIntro Statistics which is an open source statistics textbook. It is available as a free .pdf download or for purchase (approximately $15) on Amazon.


Students will complete weekly homework assignments. Other assessments will take the form of midterm and final exams.




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