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NR 205 OL1 is closed to new enrollment.

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Natural Resources: SU:Ecosys Mgt:Intg Sci,Soc&Pol

NR 205 OL1 (CRN: 61579)

3 Credit Hours

About NR 205 OL1

Integration of natural and social science to formulate solutions and policies to address some of our biggest environmental challenges. Consideration of ecological, social, and economic approaches, as well as human needs and values for environmental decision-making. Prerequisites: NR 103, NR 104.




Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019

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Section Description

The world is in desperate need of global citizens who can engage across disciplinary boundaries in service of solving complex problems. There will always be a role for specialists and experts, but the major challenges facing humanity call for integrated frameworks and approaches to problem-solving that connect science, society, and policy. With a focus on natural and social science integration, this course was developed as the junior year experience in the Rubenstein School Core Curriculum, integrating material from earlier core courses and drawing from expertise in the School’s six majors. Students will be introduced to integrative frameworks and methods in the first part of the class, with an emphasis on critical thinking and structured decision-making. They will then work in small research teams to practice interdisciplinary scholarship, systems analysis, and synthesis tools through problem-based learning.

Section Expectation

You will have the opportunity to reflect on readings and classroom discussion through regular Blackboard posts. The first part of class will also be evaluated by two integrative essay assignments. All of the project work in the second half of the class will occur in small groups, including brainstorming, development, research, peer-evaluation, writing, and a final presentation.




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