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HLTH 095 Z2 is closed to new enrollment.

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Health: Biomedical Sci & Human Disease

HLTH 095 Z2 (CRN: 61556)

3 Credit Hours

For crosslists see: HLTH 095 Z1

About HLTH 095 Z2

In this introductory course, students will expand on the knowledge learned in high school biology and chemistry to explore the biomedical sciences including Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Genetics, Clinical Biochemistry, and Hematology. Interactive lectures and laboratory exercises are focused on the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of human disease. Students will investigate and solve cases related to Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer. Hands on activities include testing to identify pathological microorganisms from a wound sample and to determine the appropriate course of antibiotic treatment; examining blood and urine samples both biochemically and microscopically; isolating and analyzing the chromosomes and DNA from normal and cancer cells and much more!



Summer Academy Course; Dates: July 8-18 MTWRF on campus; Lab held in Rowell 113; July 20-August 2 online; Non-residential High School students only; Continuing & Distance Education Dean's Ofc Permission only, Please contact 802-656-2085; Cross listed with HLTH 095 Z1; Lab Fee: $50.00; For tuition and fee information please use this link:

More Information

Section Description

Medical laboratory science professionals are vital healthcare detectives, competent in the collection, processing and analysis of biological specimens, the performance of lab procedures, the maintenance of instruments, and relating lab findings to common diseases/conditions that assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as in disease monitoring or prevention. This course has been designed to introduce students to the field of Medical Laboratory Science. The course combines lecture and laboratory practice, to allow students to demonstrate professionalism and interpersonal skills while achieving competence with common laboratory procedures. Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge in making solutions, using aseptic techniques, and handing laboratory equipment. For the online section of the course, students will be assigned case studies, which will include case history presented, clinical signs and symptoms, initial and additional laboratory testing and data, relevant test methodologies employed and accurate interpretation of results.

Section Expectation

Demonstrates proper handling of patients/specimens and evaluate situations that may cause adverse issues Demonstrate skill with the microscope, centrifuge, and other laboratory equipment Demonstrate competence with laboratory mathematics and quality control Comply with laboratory safety protocols by demonstrating proper technique Renal anatomy and physiology, formation of urine and microscopic identification of elements found in a urine sediment Basic understanding and analysis of other body fluids Basic understanding of hematology, immunology, clinical chemistry and microbiology with emphasis placed on point of care testing in all areas of the laboratory. Correlate abnormal laboratory test results with various disease states.


Lecture Final exam (Presentation) 25% Attendance/Participation (Pop Quiz) 15% Case study 40% Laboratory 20% Total__________________________ 100%




Rowell N/A Hlth 110 (View Campus Map)


to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday



Rowell N/A Hlth 113 (View Campus Map)



Online Course (View Campus Map)

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