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ASL 001 Z1 is closed to new enrollment.

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American Sign Language: American Sign Language I

ASL 001 Z1 (CRN: 60046)

4 Credit Hours

About ASL 001 Z1

Introduction of American Sign Language with emphasis on visual receptive and expressive use including facial expressions and gestures. Elements of the Deaf Culture are explored.


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Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019; In-class meeting days on Mondays & Tuesdays from 10am-2pm; Online meeting days are Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays.

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Section Description

This course (ASL 1) introduces students to the fundamentals of American Sign Language, focuses on building receptive and expressive skills as well as fingerspelling through a visual-gestural modality, and provides an overview of Deaf culture.

Section Expectation

Students are expected to attend and engage in the class and lab on a consistent basis to receive full credit. Conduct yourselves in a manner that is conductive to the participation of all students in the classroom. No voice policy is enforced, so whenever you enter ASL class, you are expected to not use voice. You can communicate by using gestures, signs you learned, fingerspelling, or writing on paper. Arrive on time, turn off your cell phones, and do not text during class and lab. Your engagement includes cultural behaviors on a consistent basis in order to show respect. Cultural behaviors include: maintain your eye contact, use no voice, make yourself clearly visible to other students and your professor, use appropriate ways to get one’s attention, and use strategies to communicate if you do not understand Students are expected to purchase these materials prior to class. 1.) Bryant, R., Gelineau, L., Shannon, T., Harris, R., & Marbury, N. (2017). TRUE+WAY ASL: Level 1 student e-workbook. Austin, TX: Purple Moontower. 2. Register with (get the link from your professor)


Course Grading System: Your comprehension and production skills will be evaluated regularly. You will also be evaluated on your preparation for class activities and your assignments outside of the class. You will have ASL rubric to measure the sign production and fluency. Total points is 56. Course Grading: A+ = 97% and above D+ = 67-69% A = 93-96% D = 63-66% A- = 90-92% D- = 60-63% B+ = 87-89% F = Below 60% B = 83-86% B- = 80-82% C+ = 77-79% C = 73-76%




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