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Business Administration: Business of Sales

BSAD 195 Z1 (CRN: 61890)

3 Credit Hours

About BSAD 195 Z1

Specialized or experimental courses offered as resources permit. Prerequisite: Business Administration major or minor; Minimum Junior standing.



Dates: July 2-August 10, 2018

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Section Description

The course is designed for students who either want to pursue a professional selling career, or want to explore the possibility, or understand how to adopt a “sales mindset” to be effective in all aspects of professional life. It is also for students interested to understand one of the foundations of effective leadership: having a deep sense for what customers value and how they make buying decisions…an understanding that comes from experience in sales. The Business of Sales provides you with academic knowledge, practical techniques, presentation skills, insights from sales leaders, and simulated experience on a sales team with pipeline and quota achievement responsibility. The course covers “the seven habits of highly effective sales people”: (1) Develop a personal selling philosophy (2) Develop a relationship strategy (3) Become an expert with your product or service offerings (4) Know your customers and their buying process (5) Master the “discovery space” (prospecting, moving from pain to solution value, understanding the buyer’s resources and decision processes) (6) Be the solution (7) Be ethical, a person of integrity. Habit #5 - Master the Discovery Space – is one of the most important learning objectives of this course. It’s fundamental to effective sales. Through this course you will become a master of discovery by: • learning the “science” behind a great first sales conversation; • experiencing the “art” of starting a great first sales conversation; • bringing the science together with the art in role plays; and • seeing the direct correspondence between the elements of a great first sales conversation and the steps in effectively qualifying sales opportunities. The course will closely follow the topics in the required textbook: Selling Today: Partnering to Create Value, 13th edition by Gerald L. Manning, Michael Ahearne, and Barry Reece.

Section Expectation

In addition to contributing to the class as an individual, you will work in a team to secure local sales leaders as guest speakers. Leveraging what you learn in class, and working with an assigned set of accounts, you and your team will make real prospecting calls; manage a pipeline report; and gain experience asking for a commitment…in this case from local sales leaders who you will invite to class to share their real world selling challenges and best practices for high-achieving sales professionals. You will also work on a semester final project to create professional emails to 3 companies of your choice, to sell yourself as a young leader with a passion for a field of your choice (could be sales, or marketing, or communications, or any field you choose), with the goal of gaining a first call with an executive to explore entry level career or internship positions. Through this project you will gain the skills and techniques to effectively sell your strengths to prospective employers. And you can use your emails to get your foot in the door at companies you would be excited to work for. If you apply yourself throughout the course, you will gain an understanding of how you can become a high performing sales professional by leveraging your natural strengths while building skills in areas that may not be as natural. The end result will be a sales aptitude, practical hands-on experience, and the beginning of a network you can leverage to gain your first position as a sales professional, a career in which good people are always in demand and top performers can earn substantial income.




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