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Political Science: D2:Int'l Politics Middle East

POLS 157 Z1 (CRN: 61785)

3 Credit Hours

About POLS 157 Z1

Formation and operation of the state system in the 20th century Middle East. Emphasis on Great Power involvement, Arab-Israeli issues, regional conflict, transitional ideologies. Prerequisite: POLS 051.



Dates: May 21 - June 15, 2018; Prereq: POLS 051

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Section Description

This course covers the politics of the Middle East since World War II. We will discuss broad theories to understand the region, the history and politics of specific countries, and important cross-cutting issues like terrorism and democracy promotion. Each session combines scholarly work with current events, and includes ample time for in-class discussion and debate.

Section Expectation

This course will be a mixture of lecture and discussion, with a few organized in-class debates.




Old Mill 523 (View Campus Map)


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