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Environmental Studies: SU:Sustainability Science

ENVS 188 OL1 (CRN: 60341)

3 Credit Hours

About ENVS 188 OL1

The study of sustainability integrating natural and social science perspectives. Topics include theories of ecological adaptation and resilience, sustainability assessment methods, emerging technologies and applications. Prerequisite: One of the following: ENVS 001, ENVS 002, NR 001, NR 002, ENSC 001.



Dates: May 21 - June 15, 2018; Prereqs: ENVS 001 or 002, or NR 001 or NR 002 or ENSC 001

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Few words are so deserving of dissection than ‘sustainability’ and ‘science’. This course will lead participants through the social and political underpinnings of these two words, and their relevance to several controversial issues commonly addressed by those engaged with the science of sustainability. Among the topics considered are the idea of planetary boundaries, resource scarcity and inequity, environmental pollution and environmental justice, global environmental change, and the relationships between sustainability, resilience and adaptation. Course content will be delivered entirely online over eight weeks, utilizing a range of evaluation methods. In this course, students will learn to… 1. Define sustainability, and compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of this term, 2. Define science, and articulate how science, as a process, integrates within political processes to assist in the management of societies, 3. Critically analyze articles and information on a range of ecologically and socially relevant topical areas.




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