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Curriculum & Instruction: Assessment and Technology

EDCI 324 OL1 (CRN: 60233)

3 Credit Hours

About EDCI 324 OL1

This course investigates current topics of assessment & technology, including many tenets of proficiency-based learning. Students will examine different forms of assessment and methods for integrating technology into assessment practice. We will explore and evaluate a variety of digital tools for summative and formative assessment. Students will interact as an online community, modeling how feedback and reflection play an integral part of the assessment process and will also maintain a digital portfolio for the class. As a final project students will create a unit of study, incorporating learning targets developed from the ISTE standards and other content standards, integrating digital tools for assessment, and demonstrating mastery of other course objectives.



Dates: May 21 - August 10, 2018 For Ed Tech sequence; Students need to log on to Blackboard to participate in class This course is intended for preK-12 educators who are interested in incorporating technology into their assessment practices and/or educators who are seeking an Ed. Tech Endorsement

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