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Anthropology: D1: Latinos in the US

ANTH 169 OL1 (CRN: 60219)

3 Credit Hours

About ANTH 169 OL1

Survey of peoples of Latino/Hispanic descent living in the U.S. Course examines their similarities and differences in history, ethnic identification, and cultural practices. Prerequisite: ANTH 021.



Dates: May 21 -June 15, 2018

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Section Description

This course is designed as a survey of peoples of Latino/a and Hispanic descent living in the United States. Through reading three central ethnographies about Latino/a communities and groups, students will learn both about the history and diversity of Latinos/as and how anthropologists define and study race and ethnicity. Students will also consider the many connections that Latinos/as maintain with Latin American nations and cultures.

Section Expectation

Learning Objectives: • Students will articulate how anthropologists define and study race and ethnicity and how these concepts, as social constructs, are linked to material realities. • Students will analyze and describe the cultural diversity of Latinos/as living in the United States through reading and evaluating contemporary ethnographic research on these communities. • Students will analyze a variety of sources, including academic articles, news items, and online media, related to contemporary issues within Latino/a cultures and communities and engage in independent research on relevant topics. • Students will reflect and analyze their own values and beliefs with respect to race, ethnicity, and identities through individual writing exercises.




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