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Anthropology: Parenting and Childhood

ANTH 040 OL1 (CRN: 60089)

3 Credit Hours

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Introduction to the anthropology of parenting and childhood from birth to adolescence. Both biological anthropological and cultural anthropological approaches are explored through a cross-cultural perspective.


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Dates: May 21 - June 15, 2018

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Course Overview and Learning Objectives: Is there a "best way" or a "natural way" to raise a child from infancy to adolescence? Should a child sleep alone? Will "boys be boys"? Should you pick up the baby every time it cries? Parents and others living and working with children are bombarded with multiple, often conflicting theories about "proper" childrearing. Anthropologists can provide a unique perspective to the study of childhood by considering both cultural and biological aspects of humanity. Throughout the semester, we will read sources written by anthropologists and consider questions regarding child rearing from many different aspects, such as cross-culturally and through non-human primate studies. In doing so, we can appreciate the diversity and multiple perspectives on the topic of children and how to raise them and begin to decide which theories are most credible and relevant for any given situation. Throughout the semester, we will develop the necessary skills to fully consider humans as biocultural beings, neither solely products of our biology nor our culture, but a dynamic combination of the two. We will also explore the ways in which science is represented in the popular press and how science is a product of culture and focus on critically evaluating material presented in scholarly and popular venues. More than anything, we will heavily engage with the question: Is parenting and childhood universal? See link above for expanded information about the class with a sample syllabus.

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See link above for expanded information about the class with a sample syllabus.


See link above for expanded information about the class with a sample syllabus.




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