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Latin: Elementary

LAT 001 OL1 (CRN: 60002)

4 Credit Hours

About LAT 001 OL1

For students who present less than two years of high school Latin.


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Dates: May 21 - June 15, 2018

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Section Description

Introduction to vocabulary and grammar (declensions of nouns, adjectives and pronouns; conjugations of verbs, etc.), phrases (prepositional, noun-adjective, verbal) and the syntax and translation of basic sentence types and short texts. Some etymologies and comparative discussion of words.

Section Expectation

General Guidelines: Shape of the Course 1) A full semester of college Latin is squeezed into 20 class days, which makes things significantly more intensive than they would be in the usual 3.5 month format. 2) The material is shaped into 'Modules' that are based upon Wheelock's Latin (6th or 7th edition), generally one Module for each chapter. 3) Each day's materials are found under COURSE MATERIALS in a FOLDER entitled "Module # and Materials". 4) Chapters 1-20 of Wheelock are covered in LAT 001 and chs. 21-40 in LAT 002 Suggested Order of Work • Read the pertinent chapter in Wheelock (Ch. 1 is under Course Materials) • Review forms and Vocabulary with the Flashcards and Audio Materials • Write and new forms and their full paradigms on paper. • Recite forms along with the Audio Mp3 • Open and complete the Module (usually 3-4 sections) Student Expectations & Grading 4) A conscientious student should plan on at least 2 hours per class-day to complete the Modules and Materials (Audio, Flashcards, Texts, Videos, etc.) 5) Grading is based largely upon the following: (1) the consistent quality of work in the Modules (2) 2 Tests, the first covering Chs. 1-10 and the second Chs. 11-20 6) Modules are to be completed and submitted on the date on which they are listed (above). Submission by midnight is recommended, so that I may correct and return your work quickly. 7) Modules are graded (out of 10) on a combination of completeness and a reasonable amount of correctness. Modules which are insufficiently complete or of uniformly poor quality will be returned to the student for further corrections. Upon resubmission, full credit will be given. Materials & Support 8) In addition to the daily 'Module' supporting materials include any of the following: (1) Audio Mp3 files for Conjugations and Declensions, (2) Video instructions (for select materials), (3) Powerpoint materials (4) Flashcards, (5) Texts with Illustrations 9) Online Office hours (at least 1 hour per day online during the week, to be determined by the needs of the group). 10) Corrected Modules and Tests are usually returned on the next classday. Communication: Internal MESSAGES 11) Communication should be largely by the INTERNAL EMAIL found under the MESSAGES icon on the left-hand menu of the BB Course Homepage. 12) Please ask a lot of questions, so that I know both that you are engaged and that this material causes you to think! Good luck!!! Magister


2 Tests; ca. 16 daily 'Modules' to be completed and submitted




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