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Plant Biology: Field Botany for NR Profession

PBIO 369 Z1 (CRN: 61949)

2 Credit Hours

About PBIO 369 Z1

Identification of flowering plants and ferns; survey of prominent Vermont plant families; natural communities, ecological determinants of plant distribution, especially soils; preparation of herbarium specimens. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing; Instructor Permission.




Dates: May 22-August 11, 2017; Pre & Post work required; In class meeting times June 19 to August 11 Tuesday & Thursday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm; Meets on Monday, July 3 as well; Instructor Permission required; Mainly in the field, with some time in lab Jeffords 100

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This course, designed for graduate students in the life sciences and natural resources, has five principal objectives: 1) to provide students with the tools needed to identify plants anywhere; 2) to help students hone their observational skills related to plants; 3) to provide students with an intensive, hands-on introduction to the native flora of the Northeast; 4) to provide some of the skills needed to observe and make sense of patterns of plant distribution; and, more specifically, 5) to explore the relationship between substrate and plant distribution.

Section Expectation

Plant Collection: An important component of your training in PBIO 369 is the independent collection and identification of a set of native plants. Typically, students present this work as a museum-quality pressed plant collection. The collection is to include herbaceous native plants, in flower or fruit, representing 15 different plant families. Alternatively, it can focus on a family of particular interest or challenge to you (e.g., the sedge family), by prior permission of the instructors. Specimens must be correctly identified, completely labeled, and attractively mounted. The collection is due on Friday, September 1. Site Presentation: Each student, participating as a member of a small team, will present a site, designated by the instructors, to the rest of the class. Sites will be located within the boundaries of Camp Johnson National Guard Facility in Colchester. Presentations should be about two hours long, and should touch on important aspects of the geology, soils, and vegetation of the site, as well as land use history, ownership, and pertinent conservation issues. Presentations will be given on the last field day, Thursday, August 10.


Grading Quizzes (app. one per class meeting) 35% Final exam 25% Plant Collection 20% Site Presentation 20%




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James M Jeffords Hall 100 (View Campus Map)


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