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Environmental Studies: Bicycles, Globalization, & Sus

ENVS 195 Z4 (CRN: 61875)

3 Credit Hours

For crosslists see: GEOG 195 Z1 HST 195 Z3 ANTH 195 Z3 GRS 195 Z1

About ENVS 195 Z4

Intermediate courses of current areas of interest which vary each semester. Topics have included environmental health, energy, regional planning, international studies, literature, ethics, and natural area management. Prerequisite: One of the following: ENVS 001, ENVS 002, NR 001, NR 002, ENSC 001.



Dates: May 22 - June 16, 2017 Cross list with ANTH 195 Z3; GEOG 195 Z1, GRS 195 Z1, HST 195 Z3; Prereqs:ANTH 021, GEOG 050, ENVS 002 or HST 010

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Section Description

In recent years the bicycle has enjoyed a renaissance as a form of sustainable urban transportation in many major cities throughout the world, primarily as governments and activists seek ways to reduce the social, health, and environmental problems caused by automobile pollution and congestion. This course examines the complex connections between globalization, cycling, and urban sustainability. These themes include: theorizing contemporary forms of urban mobility and how transportation technologies, specifically the bicycle, relate to social change; the dynamic history and role of the bicycle around the world (primarily Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America) as a form of transportation; and the current adoption of the bicycle by urban environmental movements. We will take several bicycle fieldtrips around Burlington, and work in service learning with several local bicycle advocacy organizations.

Section Expectation

Combination of lectures, discussions, films, and bike fieldtrips around Burlington.


Students are graded on: Presentation about a reading; Essay on a transnational biography of a bicycle; Attendance and participation; and Service learning project.




Williams Hall 511 (View Campus Map)


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