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Biology: Field Marine Biology

BIOL 295 TR1 (CRN: 61809)

4 Credit Hours

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Dates: July 17 - August 11, 2017; Hurricane Island, Maine Travel Dates: 7/22/17 - 7/29/17; pre and post work; Program Fee: $1253 Apply at: Instructor permission required

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A weeklong intensive course designed to explore experimental methods in field marine biology. Lectures will integrate with field-based experimentation, data collection and analysis. Students will develop skills in written and oral scientific communication. The course will be held at Hurricane Island (, a developing field research station with dormitory and dining facilities onsite, which will provide onsite student accommodations. The focus of the field-based exercises will be to discover and manipulate the biotic and abiotic forces that structure marine communities. The field exercises will give students hands-on experience with the scientific method and a chance to witness many phenomena in marine biology. Students will be working with live organisms that live in dynamic environments. There is a good chance that students will be exposed to harsh weather and adverse environmental conditions. Therefore, students should be prepared to feel uncomfortable at times. Each day will consist of a mixture of lecture and field-based activities (scheduled around the prevailing low tides). Designated time will also be devoted to data analysis, and preparation of oral presentations.




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