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Chinese: Chin Lang&Cul Teach Prac

CHIN 195 Z1 (CRN: 61753)

3 Credit Hours

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Dates: May 22 - June 16, 2017; Full course title: Chinese Language and Culture Teaching Practicum; Contact department for location

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This service-learning course is designed for (1) intermediate and advanced students of Chinese who want to further apply and improve their language skills through active use of the target language; and (2) native Chinese/Japanese-speaking students who are interested in language education. This course extends language practice and intercultural communication from traditional language classrooms into local communities, through the approach of “learners-as-teachers” service learning. In this course, students, under the guidance of faculty experienced in language teaching, will collaborate to teach Chinese language and culture lessons at a local school. The primary goals of this course are to (a) allow students of Chinese language to increase their own confidence and proficiency through the challenge of teaching; (b) allow native Chinese-speaking students to improve intercultural communication competence through a new perspective on their native languages; (c) provide an opportunity for all students to gain marketable skills in language teaching that they can use following graduation; and (d) create an embodied experience for all students through serving the community in a way that increases awareness and appreciation of the value of education in Asian language/culture and the importance of early language instruction. Please contact for details and permission. Instructor’s permission is required for registration.




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