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Gndr, Sexuality, & Wms Stdies: Queering the Middle Ages

GSWS 096 OL1 (CRN: 61717)

3 Credit Hours

For crosslists see: ENGS 110 OL1

About GSWS 096 OL1

This course is interdisciplinary in nature, employing literary studies, history, religion studies, film studies, and theory in order to map out the territories of the queer within the culture of Europe between the end of the Roman and Byzantine Empires and the emergence of the Early Modern “individual.” For our purpose, “queer” will signify not only expressions of non-heteronormative sexuality but also positions of indeterminacy and marginalization. We will spend time queering medieval genre, meter, behaviors, gestures, and the very activity of categorization through such texts as Ælfric’s Life of Saint Eugenia, Geoffrey Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale, Marie de France’s Lanval, and the anonymous works Beowulf, The Dream of the Rood and Apollonius of Tyre. We will also review the 2007 film Beowulf and discuss its place within our contemporary discourse of medievalism.


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Dates: July 17 - August 11, 2017 Cross listed with ENGS 110 OL1

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