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Athletic Training: Senior Seminar in AT I

AT 190 Z1 (CRN: 60460)

2 Credit Hours

About AT 190 Z1

This seminar serves to promote professional development and demonstration of ATEP proficiency skills through assignments and discussion. This includes creating individualized development plans, resume building, graduate school application/job searching, and preparation for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam for ATs. Prerequisite: Senior standing in Athletic Training Education Program.



Dates: May 22 - August 11, 2017

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Section Description

COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency (LOT) in previously learned skills throughout ATEP curriculum. 2. The student will maintain open and consistent communication with the course instructor to insure a quality overall learning experience. 3. Develop and enhance organizational and communication skills necessary regardless of athletic training setting. 4. The student will develop a professional resume and critique peer resumes. 5. HA-6. Explain components of the budgeting process including: purchasing, requisition, bidding, request for proposal, inventory, profit and loss ratios, budget balancing, and return on investments. 6. HA-8. Develop operational and capital budgets based on a supply inventory and needs assessment; including capital equipment, salaries and benefits, trending analysis, facility cost, and common expenses. 7. HA-11. Use contemporary documentation strategies to effectively communicate with patients, physicians, insurers, colleagues, administrators, and parents or family members. 8. HA-12. Use a comprehensive patient-file management system for appropriate chart documentation, risk management, outcomes, and billing. 9. HA-21. Develop comprehensive, venue-specific emergency action plans for the care of acutely injured or ill individuals. 10. PD-3. Describe the role and function of the Board of Certification, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, and state regulatory boards. 11. PD-4. Explain the role and function of state athletic training practice acts and registration, licensure, and certification agencies including (1) basic legislative processes for the implementation of practice acts, (2) rationale for state regulations that govern the practice of athletic training, (3) consequences of violating federal & state regulatory acts. 12. PD-6. Explain the process of obtaining and maintaining necessary local, state, and national credentials for the practice of athletic training. 13. PD-7. Perform a self-assessment of professional competence and create a professional development plan to maintain necessary credentials and promote life-long learning strategies.

Section Expectation

This seminar serves as a forum for students to share experiences from their clinical setting which coincides with this class and report on the progress of their assignments as well as promote professional development through discussion of topics such as resume building, graduate school application/job searching, interviewing skills, preparing for the BOC exam, etc. Recommended Text: Van Ost L, Manfre K, Lew K. Athletic Training Exam Review - A Student Guide to Success 5th Edition. Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Incorporated; 2013 ISBN: 978-1-61711-613-1


Grades will be based on written reflections, completion of core athletic training proficiencies and development of a professional resume.




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