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Gndr, Sexuality, & Wms Stdies: D2: Ecofeminism

GSWS 179 OL1 (CRN: 60431)

3 Credit Hours

For crosslists see: ENVS 179 OL1

About GSWS 179 OL1

Ecofeminism is a movement that is concerned with relationships between humans and the natural world. Exploring the connection between environmentalism and feminism, the field of ecofeminist studies specifically addresses the traditional interpretation of "nature" as female (or feminine), the connection between the oppression of women and the exploitation of nature, and ways in which environmental issues often affect women in particular. In this course we will read from a broad range of ecofeminist texts. Our goals will include learning about ecofeminist approaches to literature, studying various feminist theoretical responses to environmental issues as well as developing our own personal views of women, nature, and patterns of environmental domination. Our reading list will include authors such as Barbara Kingssolver, Lesley Marmon Silko, Margaret Atwood, Rachel Carson, Susan Griffin, Val Plumwood, Naomi Wolf, and Vandana Shiva.



Dates: May 22 - June 16 Cross listed with ENVS 179 OL1

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