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Agriculture & Life Science: Computer Applications

CALS 085 Z1 (CRN: 60375)

3 Credit Hours

About CALS 085 Z1

Use of computer operating systems programming languages, electronic communications, word processing, spreadsheet modeling and graphics, and internet software related to the agricultural and life sciences.


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Dates: May 22 - June 16, 2017 Lab portion will be assigned online; Hybrid course: In-class meetings and online

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<p>Foundations: Information Technology (CALS 002/085) has been developed over the course of the past 30 years to prepare College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS) students like you with a solid foundation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge and skill. The purpose of this course is to enable the effective use of current and future software applications, during your time as a CALS student and beyond. In addition to learning the core ICT curriculum, you will also be learning about the (a) formatting of academic papers and (b) structure of the university, college, and departments, which is called the “CALS Curriculum: Understanding Academia at the College Level for First-Year and Transfer Students”. There is both a lecture and lab component to this course.</p> <p>Each lecture will be comprised of five parts. First, any administrative matters will be addressed. Next, we will cover the core ICT topic for that week. Third, we will focus on some aspect of formatting papers for publication. Forth, we will learn about and discuss some aspect of the CALS curriculum. Finally, there will be a daily lecture assignment, focused on the topics covered during class and from the readings and other materials assigned as homework.</p> <p>The lab sessions will be linked to topics that were introduced in lecture. Labs will be held online using Blackboard. Each lab will begin with an introduction and overview of tasks. Next, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions for each new task. Finally, you will receive an assignment for that week.</p> <p>Blackboard will be used as the website for this course, both for lecture and lab. Course materials, such as readings and videos, will be made available through this site. PowerPoint slides will not be made available, because the slides are only a small part of any presentation and may lead to confusion and missed information. Grades will be made available to you through Blackboard.</p> <p>Overall, I’m <bold>excited</bold> to be working with you in CALS 002/085 this semester. Each of you comes into this course with a different level of IT knowledge and skill, but it is my goal that you finish this course with a better understanding of these topics and new abilities.</p>




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