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*Although the Staff Council serves as the voice and advocate for all staff, it does not have the same function as Collective Bargaining Units to which some members of the UVM staff belong. Those staff  who belong to UE Local 267are not permitted to participate in Staff Council  at the request of  their union. 

Serve as a Representative in your Unit/Department*

While the regular 2016 election has passed, we still have remaining vacancies in certain areas. Please consult the list below to find out if there is a vacancy in your department, unit or division and contact us if you would like to volunteer to serve:

  • College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences: 1 Representative, 1 year term and 1 Representative, 3 year term

  • Division of Student Affairs: 2 Representatives, 3 year term

  • Human Resources, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs: 1 Representative, 3 year term

  • University Relations & Administration (Communication & Relations): 1 Representative, 3 year term

For more information, contact the Staff Council Office, read about the Staff Council Representative Election Process, or fill out a Nomination Form.


2016 Staff Council Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections*

Participate on a Council Standing Committee

There are four (4) Staff Council Standing Committees and you do not need to be an elected Representative to participate*. All you need is an interest to help make UVM a better place to work. 

Attend Meetings

  • Staff Council Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 12:05 pm - 1:30 pm and are open to all members of the UVM community as well as the public.

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