Fundamental Statistics for the
Behavioral Sciences  

9th edition 


Errata for the 9th edition

This is an ongoing listing of errors in the 9th edition. If you find any more, please let me know. I am setting this page up before the book is actually published, so I can begin by claiming that there are no errors. Unfortunately that claim will probably not last long.


The Text

Page Line Correction
17 Ex1.14 On that page I say that I show the M&M count an an associated web site, but Hammer, at Xavier Univ. in Lousiana, pointed out that his students could not find it. Neither can I. So I went on a hunt and found quite a good reference at I think that you will enjoy that page, even if you do not use SAS statistical software. (Even statisticians do whakey things once in a while.)
37 last paragraph Max Gwynn, at Wilfrid Laurier University, in At Waterloo, Canada, pointed out that I wrote the reference to Table 3.1 should be to Table 3.2 on the next page.
88 Last equation Ronald Porter, at St. Mary's University in Alberta, and Max Gwynn, at Wilfrid Laurier University, pointed out that I wrote sx2 when I simply meant to write sx.
127 Ex6.5c Michael Lape pointed out that I used the standard deviation of 30, given in Ex6.3 and Ex6.4 instead of the correct one of 7.5. The resulting answer should be 62.66.
136 Last equation David Lepinoy pointed out that the X (mult) in the last equation should be a + (plus). I think that I just got carried away with X's, though he was nice enough to blame the typesetter.
234 Line 7 Michael Kiene pointed out that the Ŷ should be Ȳ.
248 Bottom of page I reported that SPSS gives a one-tailed probability, but Burke Johnson at Southern Alabama Univ. pointed out that the probability is two-sided. I don't know where that error came from.
254 Step 1 Michael Kiene pointed out that it should read Ȳ = 175.5/50.
295 Ex11.2 & 11.4 Chris Beam, at USC, pointed out that Exercise 11.4 refers to a column (tolerances) in Exercise 11.2 that really isn't there. The image that should have been there follows.
333 Ex12.19 Keith Burt, at the University of Vermont, pointed out that Exercise 12.19 is clearly stated as a one-tailed test, and yet I treated it as a two-tailed test. I think that he is correct, and the critcal value at α = .05 would be 1.697.
341 Ex12.19 Michael Kiene pointed out that I really messed up this calcuation--my words, not his. The mean is -1.33 and the st. dev. is 2.024, so t = 2.54.
345 First Confidence Interval Sara Plummer at Wayne State noticed that I used the wrong critical value of chi-square. It should be 2.12. That means that the confidence interval should be 3.58 - 10.94.
349 Ex13.13 Keith Burt caught me again in reverse. I clearly asked for a two-tailed test, but gave the answer for a one-tailed test. The critical value would be t = 2.878, which gives a necessary N = 25.54 = 26. I appreciate the correction.
365 R code The third line of the code should be broken after the first close-parenthesis, and "names(data)" should be on a new line. Or you can put a semicolon before "names."
451 Table 17.3 Second equation should read 16.147 - 11,610/100.
478 For first mean in equation for SSsubjects, mean should be 6.60, not 6.80. Thanks to Michael Kiene.
492 Ex18.5 Caught again by Keith Burt. The correct summary table should be
Source	df	SS	MS	F 
Subjects	8	612.00		
Weeks	1	544.50	544.50	14.424
Error	8	302.00	37.75	
Total	17	1458.50		
[F.05(1,24) = 4.26]
There is a significant increase in decrease in severity over time. F = t2 = 3.7982 = 14.424.
507 Figure 19.2. Swap the labels to "Blue = Male, Black = Female." And make the vertical axis read "Probability." Thanks to Michael Kiene.
512 3rd para. line 2 change "<=" to "%"
513 line 13 Remove "only."
530 data table Move T+ = 2 and T- = 26 right by two columns. Thanks to Michael Kiene.
534 line 1 Change "Ponoun" to "Pronoun."
547 line 12 Xpre should be X̄pre .
547 line 12 Xpre should be X̄pre .


Data Sets

There is a self-extracting archive of all of the data found in Simply click on this link and tell the resulting dialog box where you want to store the download--the desktop is fine. After the file is downloaded, click on the downloaded file and indicate where you want the data files to be stored. Once the data are extracted, you can safely delete the archive file itself.


David C. Howell
University of Vermont