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Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
6th edition

David C. Howell


Java Applets

This web page points to sites that provide Java applets. A Java applet is a program that runs over the web. They allow you to enter data or to move sliders that alter characteristics of their canned data. An applet might show how a distribution changes as you change its skew, or it might show how the scatterplot of two variables as you increase or decrease the correlation between the variables. I am only putting a few links here now because this is mostly for mock up purposes


A very good set of applets for generating simulations can be found at David Lane's site at Rice. David has been writing applets for some time, and is very good at it.

John Kane, at Oswego, has provided a great set of statistical calculators. These allow you to calculate, for example, the exact probability of a value of t greater than or equal to the value you obtained with your test.

I recommend that you look seriously at http://www.statcrunch.com/ It is a FREE program that runs over the web. You need to register for it, but that is painless, and it will run all sorts of analyses for you. Because it is a Java program, and runs in real time over the web, it is not the fastest thing around. But it does a surprising amount of stuff and is a good way to follow along the text with your own calculations. Well, it was free until 8/15/2006. After that you can use if for 6 months for $5, which is still pretty cheap for something to use ina course. I just hope they offer a demo download.

There is an excellent site that is really an online statistics course. It is aimed at a somewhat lower level than my course, but it has some first rate stuff. I don't know the authors, but it is on a site run by the University of Newcastle in Australia.

Last revised: 5/30/2006