Testosterone and Antisocial Behavior

David C. Howell

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Dabbs and Morris (1991, Psychological Science) examined the military records of 2736 American males. These records contained information on testosterone levels (Lord Knows Why!) and incidence of adult delinquency. Dabbs and Morris were interested in the relationship between delinquency and testosterone. Below are the data separated by High and Low SES subjects.

		a.  Low SES

					Yes		No
			Normal		190		1104
			High		 62		 140

		b. High SES

					Yes		No
			Normal		53		1114
			High		 3		  70

Collapse across the two SES conditions to create one 2 X 2 table.

Test the relationship between Testosterone and Delinquency within each SES level.

Calculate the odds ratios for the two analyses in the second problem.

For those people who have made it to the chapter on log-linear models, create and test models for all three variables (Testosterone, Delinquency, and SES).


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