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The "Information Superhighway" evokes an image of millions of users zipping by at the speed of light. A more useful image might be that of an "Electric Avenue" teeming with millions of shoppers strolling through the global village market - a market filled with vendors, kibitzers, performers, and, yes, lurkers. Forget shopping malls, welcome to the virtual bazaar.

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The basic tools

Construction Notes

World Wide Web data, often called pages, takes at some preparation - with good pages taking a lot of thought. The text is "marked up" with "tags" such as "title", "header", "paragraph", "list", and "anchor." These tags makeup what is called "HyperText Markup Language" (HTML), and resemble text processing languages from 15 years ago.

Gopher data take less preparation. Most files are treated as if they are "plain text." The menu we generally see is just the names of the files, or the names of the directories they reside in. (This makes use of the Unix and Macintosh provision for relatively long file names.) Non-text data, i.e. binary data for images, sounds, video clips, are identified by their "file type", and are treated by appropriate programs to display images, play sounds, or show movies.


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