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The main goal of SHRC is to improve the sexual lives of women struggling with sexual difficulties. In line with the goals of translational science our research embraces a number of topics, from basic science to clinical outcome studies. Women from our community contribute to our laboratory by participating in our studies, making financial contributions and referring their friends to us. You can either make a tax-deductible contribution, become a staff member in our laboratory, or participate in our studies.

Alessandra Rellini, Ph.D.
Sexual Health Research Clinic.  


Current, Completed, and Future Research

  • Sexual Responses in Women with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse. In this study we investigated the relationship between childhood sexual abuse, sexual self-schemas, and family support on female sexual functioning. 
  • Love and Sexual Arousal. Women in different stages of love come to our clinic to talk about their sexuality and complete psycophysiological assessment to measure sexual responses to sexual stimuli.
  • Sexual Fantasies. The sexual fantasies of over 500 women are analyzed to assess the role of fantasy on sexual functioning. We are also in the process of developing a standardized codebook that will provide a reliable measure of content in women's sexual fantasies.        
  • Interoceptive Awareness. Women vary in their awareness of bodily sensations (interoceptive awareness). A greater understanding of individual differences in interoceptive awareness may help us to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between physiological and subjective sexual responses. 

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