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Hi.  My name is Huck Gutman, and my office is in the English Department, located in the historic the Old Mill building (whose cornerstone was laid by the Marquis de Lafayette), which is pictured here.  My office number is 434 Old Mill.  My phone number is (802) 656-3422, and my email is

A Professor of English at the University of Vermont, I am also the former Chair of the English Department.  I teach courses in poetry -- Nineteenth Century American Poetry, Modern American Poetry, Contemporary American Poetry, Poetry in Translation -- and also specialized courses, also in poetry, such as "Romanticism and the Self: Wordsworth and Whitman," and "The Poetry of Witness."  My most recent course, to be offered for the first time in Fall 2002 is "Poetic Revolutions and the Modern World."

In recent years, I have lectured widely on American poetry and also on American politics.  I have spent several weeks lecturing in each of the following countries:
I have also taught for extended periods as Fulbright Visiting Professor at the Universidad Nova and the Universidad Classica, both in Lisbon, Portugal, and at Calcutta University in Kolkata, India.

My most recent book is entitled Outsider in the House, a political memoir which I co-authored with Rep. Bernie Sanders, the Member of Congress from Vermont and the only Independent in the U. S. House of Representatives.  I am also the author of three other books: Mankind in Barbary: The Individual and Society in the Novels of Norman Mailer, Technologies of the Self: A Seminar with Michel Foucault (edited with my friends Luther Martin and Patrick Hutton), andAs Others Read Us: International Perspectives on American Literature. Outsider and Technologies are both available from while the others are available from Powell's Books .

I also work as Senior Aide to Representative Bernard Sanders, Vermont's member of the United States House of Representatives.  Representative Sanders is the longest serving independent in the U.S. Congress in  our nation's history.  His web page is at  Rep. Bernie Sanders .

Web Pages
Modern Poetry:
To explore poems of our century by Anna Akhmatova, Elizabeth Bishop, Yehuda Amichai, Charles Baudelaire, Constantin P. Cafavy,  T. S. Eliot, Seamus Heaney, Zbigniew Herbert, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Rainier Maria Rilke and Wallace Stevens you should visit my Modern Poetry page by clicking on:  Modern Poetry or on Modern Poetry (alternate site).
Political Analysis:
To visit essays written on American politics and culture and other essays on international affairs, all published in The Statesman, the English language newspaper of Kolkata (Clacutta) India, click here: Statesman Essays

Reading Poetry: An Introduction
To visit a page which explores why we should read poems -- and how easy it can be to read a poem -- check out this new website, Reading Poems: How to get started

Indian Music
There is even a web page, recently created, on Rabindra Sangeet, which are the poems of Nobel Prize-winner Rabindranath Tagore with musical settings by Tagore.  This site includes a Real Audio streaming audio performance by Swapan Gupta, of Kolkata (Calcutta), India.  Try them -- you will like them!  Rabindra Sangeet

Student web page
A web page created by my students on Twentieth Century History: Important Struggles and Forces, with links, can be found at 20th Century Page.

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Visit a site where you can find a list of books you might want to read, with a few movies sprinkled in, and some musical and artistic suggestions as well!  Just double-click  on this picture of the UVM campus and Lake Champlain in the background.


  This photo is of Billings, the architectural gem of the University of Vermont campus.  It was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson.  If you click on the image, you will be taken to Common Dreams, one of my favorite web pages -- a web center for politically interesting news and views.



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PHOTO: A beautiful campus image!We have a fine ski team at UVM, though no one ever watches them ski, me included.  If you click on this image, you will go to the University of Vermont home page

PHOTO: A beautiful campus image!
Fountain in the center of the U.V.M. green

Every day on my computer this painting,"The Rue Mosnier Decorated with Flags" [1878 ] by Edouard Manet, appears on my screen.
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