A Journal of Representations

The 2004 issue of FAMILIES: A JOURNAL OF REPRESENTATIONS has just been published in Kolkata, India.


Families is the first registered Indian interdisciplinary journal
that prioritises local and global familial representations.

Sanjukta Dasgupta

Editorial Board (India)                                 Editorial Board (USA)
Alladi Uma                                                         Allan Life
Meenakshi Mukherjee                                     Clinton Seely
G.S. Jayasree                                                    Huck Gutman
Chandrakala Padia                                            Miriam Cooke
Chhaya Datar                                                    William Andrews
Nirmal Bhattacharya                                         Mary Ellis Gibson
Ishita Mukherjee                                               Mary Mathew
Issac Sequeira                                                    Rashmi Varma
Jasodhara Bagchi                                               Robert Hamburger
Makarand Paranjape
Malashri Lal
R.P. Nair
Ramkumar Mukherjee
Ratnabali Chaterjee
Uma Dasgupta

Contents of DOUBLE ISSUE
Volume 2, Number 1 ( February 2004) & Volume 3,Number 2  (August 2004)

Judith Walsh
        "As the Husband, so the Wife"  Old Patriarchy, New Patriarchy and Misogyny in one late nineteenth century domestic science manual
Geraldine Forbes
        Sudha Mazumdar, Memories of an Indian Woman
Sarah Lamb
        Aging and Families Across Worlds: Ambivalent Modernities in Kolkata and the U.S.
Esha Dey
        Imagined Family: Pangs of Transition
Tapati Gupta
        Mothers, Mothers-in-Law and Motherhood in Modern Bengali Short Storeis by Women Writers
Alladi Uma and M. Sridhar
        Male Representations of Women: A Reading of Gurazada, Chalam and Kutumbarao
Shabina Nishat Omar
        Breaking Patriarchal Shackles: Emancipation of the Abused Housewife in Tehmina Durrani's Fiction
Moon Moon Mazumdar
        Family and Sexuality in The God of Small Things: A Foucaultian Reading
Kuldip Kaur Kuwahara
        Family in Jane Austen's Fiction: Domestic, Social, and Polticial Realities in Persuasion
Shoma A. Chatterjee
        The Family in Flux
Elizabeth Dietrich
        Family Life in Germany after World War II
Urmila Chakrabarti
Mary Ellis Gibson
        Three Poems from the Southern Appalachain Mountains
Shashi Kurana and Aparna Madan
        Family and Cultural Transitions: USA and India
Robert Hamburger
        Immigration and the Family
Naina Dey
        Report: Conference on Family Matters: Textual Representations (Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, 24-25 January 2003)

Contents of Volume 1, Number 2  (February 2003)

Rai Anand Krishna
        The Position of Women in Indian Traditional Frame-Work
Chandrakala Padia
        Indigenizing Women’s Studies: The Need for the Study of Indian Sociological Texts
Sandhya Singh Kaushik
        Exploration of the Family in Contemporary Psychological Thinking: Needs and Priorities
Pushpa Bhave
        Representation of the Family in Marathi Autobiography Written by Dalit Women
A. Raghuramaraju
        Entries Into the Famile: Abburi Chaya Devi
K. Suneetha Rani
        From Security to Suffocation: Woman in and out of the ‘Family’ in Telagu Women’s Novels
M. Sridhar and Alladi Uma
        The Self and Family in Telugu Women’s Poetry
N. Venugopal
        Reflections of Family and Woman in Women’s Short Stories in Telagu
Rachel Barnabas
        Transformation of Family Pattern in Alice Walker’s By the Light of My Father’s Smile
Judy Katz
Nilima Sen-Gangopadhyay
        A Broken Nest
Sanjukta Dasgupta
        Dear Diary
Edvige Giunta
        The Giara of Memory
Edwin Rivera
        The Noon of his Expression
Suchitra Bhattacharya
        The Tree of Desire
Alladi Uma
        A Report on the Seminar on Representation of the Family in Telagu and Urdu Women’s Writing (held at IACIS, Hyderabad)
Chandrakala Padia
        A Report on the National Seminar on Representation of Family in Hindi and Sanskrit (held at Banares Hindu University)
Mary Ellis Gibson
        Symposium Report: Real and Imagined Families (held at The University of North Carolina – Greensboro/USA)

Calcutta University

The Managing Editor of Families is Dr. Sanjukta Dasgupta of the Department of English, Calcutta University.  Submissions are welcome.  Families welcomes both critical and creative writing in English (or English translation) that concentrate on or foreground the family and familial experience.

Contributions should not exceed 5000 words.  Kindly submit either on floppy disk in Microsoft Word, along with hard copy, or by email attachment in Microsoft Word with an acoompanying email with the text included and formatted.  Please follow MLA guidelines for references and style.  Submitted mss. will not be returned, although they will be acknowledged and, when appropriate, editorial board comments will be conveyed.  Submissions should be addressed to:

Prof. Sanjukta Dasgupta
7C, Cornfield Road
Kolkata 700019

webmaster: huck.gutman@uvm.edu