:: Student and Faculty Portal

The University of Vermont launched its own portal in 2008 called myUVM.

A portal is described as a doorway, an entrance, or a gateway, which in our case serves as a starting point for students to access their academic records and for faculty to access information about the courses they teach.

Student Access

Upon logging in students are presented with the following page structure*:

*content will differ according to specific student programs

The Student page is the usual landing page for students and offers access to a student's college specific information as well as information regarding news and events on and around campus.

The My Schedule page will display a student's current class schedule.

The Registrar page offers students access to their academic records and can be used for items such as course registration, final grade viewing, and enrollment verifications.

The Student Financial Services page shows tuition and billing information such as account balances and histories as well as student employment opportunities.

The Advising (Degree Audit) page is used to assist students in running their degree audits so that they may remain on schedule to graduate.

In addition to these features myUVM also offers a Veteran page which is used to request enrollment certifications for veterans and also to display information about veteran services offered at UVM.

Faculty Access

Upon logging in faculty are presented with the following page structure:

The Teaching page is the landing page for faculty and offers access to an instructor's courses through the Faculty Dashboard which can be used to access class rosters and to communicate via email with any or all students in a particular course. This page also offers access to courses for which Blackboard is also being used.

The Advising page is used to access information about a faculty member's role as an advisor and the advisees under his or her guidance.

The Grading page can be used to enter final grades and also to make grade changes.

The Resources page offers a way to request changes to a course and also displays links to external sources of information.

Employee Access

Staff at UVM are also able to access myUVM to register for courses or to discover important human resource information.

Additional Access

Content has also been developed to target special populations such as admitted students who have not yet begun their studies and offers important information about student orientation, course registration, transfer credit evaluation, and financial resources.

Alumni and former students are also provided access to their academic records via myUVM.

Contact Us

If you have a question or need more information about the portal please contact the myUVM Support Team.