Degree Works Project Charter


To implement the new Banner degree audit software modules to provide a unifying tool that will enhance the visibility of curriculum requirements, support advising, and aid in recruiting new transfer students.


Last Activity

Evaluate effectiveness of the new audit systems by tracking usage numbers from complete implementation (July 2017) to one year out (July 2018). Evaluate usage by students, advisors and new transfer students for each module as is possible.

End Date

System "go live" will be July 2017 for all colleges but the assessment activity will take place in July 2018 concluding the project.

Degree Works Project Team Vision/Purpose

To better empower students and student advisors toward self-managing their degree path progress through the implementation of an interactive and unifying tool that will enhance the visibility of curriculum standards.

Team Agreements

  1. Periodically assess progress toward goal.
  2. Agree as a team to complete assigned tasks and speak up in a timely fashion if we can't meet deadlines.
  3. Be clear about expectations and timelines.
  4. Send meeting minutes and keep thoughtful and accurate records.
  5. Actively listen to each other.
  6. No personal electronic devices in meetings (it is OK to answer emergency/urgent calls).
  7. Send agendas ahead of time with participants who should attend identified.
  8. Start and end meetings on time.
  9. Be adaptable to change.
  10. Decisions will be made as follows:
       a. Unliateral consensus is needed.
       b. If consensus is not reached, the item is added to next meeting's agenda for further discussion.