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Degree Works Project Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 3:00pm

Facilitator     Veronika Carter

Attendees: Naima Dennis, Veronika Carter, Rebecca Clark, Gail Starks, Keith Williams, David Alles


Review the following:
  1. Sharepoint Site
  2. Observations from Technical Guide
  1. Master Major/Minor/Concentration Spreadsheet
  2. Catalog Information
  3. Backloading Exceptions
  1. Ellucian Responses


Review Sharepoint Site, Observations from Technical Guide

Master Major/Minor/Concentration Spreadsheet

MMC/Gen ED requirement total is 639 if we scribe back to 201109 (does not include 201609 changes that may be required). We would code 585 if we scribed back to 201209 and 536 if we scribed back to 201309.

639/6.5 scribers = 98/scriber. In round numbers that still comes to 1 item (gen ed / mmc) per day. Keep in mind the process will need to include the following:

  • Scribe
  • Vet
  • Assign Exceptions

Catalog Information

Active Sp16 UG students w/catalog year 201109 or earlier = 232. 160 are using 201109 so if we scribe back to 201109, 72 would not be able to run their audit. If we code back to 201209, here is the composition of the 232 that would not be able to run their audit:

CAS 110

Backloading Exceptions

  • Active UG students using catalog edition 201109 or after: "Major 1" count = 8856, but if we exclude potential Sp16 grads, it drops to 3970.
  • If we look at all four majors (some students are counted more than once), the total is 4362 exceptions, excluding Sp16 grads.

Update on Ellucian Responses

  • Design demo (David Ackerman confirmed today that he is still trying to set up demo)
  • Schedule
  • Feedback on spreadsheet of 30 programs to be coded (David Ackerman asked for an update today)

Decisions Made

  1. We will not have a Sharepoint site. We will use the Project Website and email to communicate.
  2. We will not deploy these DW options: applicants, financial aid audits, course signal integration, satisfactory academic progress, NCAA eligibility, prerequisite checking.
  3. We will use DW for exception processing rather than Workflow.

To Dos

Need to decide whether to postpone DW meeting until we have had design demo. Next agenda should include: catalog decision and ID stakeholders for design process.

Meeting Adjourned

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