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Student research opportunities

The Department of Religion offers opportunities for conducting individual research projects in any aspect of the subject matter, also known in the College of Arts and Sciences as Academic Programs for Learning and Engagement (APLE). This may take place one of two ways:

  1. Through a Readings and Research arrangement (REL 197-198) with an individual instructor (normally this is offered to juniors and seniors who have already done some course work in the subject.)
  2. In connection with the Senior Seminar (REL 201) where senior majors each undertake a major investigative project which they ultimately present to the class. An archive housing the papers from past years is maintained in the departmental library.

Examples of recent or current project areas show a range of possibilities:

  • The History and Politics of the Sioux Indian Sun Dance Ritual
  • Issues of Muslim Law in Northern Nigeria
  • A Comparative Study of St. Patrick and Padmasambhava
  • The Mikveh and the Female Body in Judaism
  • Perception of Cults in the American Press
  • Cognitive Science and the Study of Religion
  • Witchcraft and Gender in the Late Middle Ages
  • Islamic Feminism
  • Human Rights and Religion in China
  • Buddhist Nationalism in Sri Lanka
  • Late Writings of the Philosopher Emmanuel Levinas

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