University of Vermont

Physical Education Classes

Special Instructions

  1. CLUB SPORT CREDIT: Club sport athletes must obtain their club advisor's signature on a drop-add form in order to register for Club Sport Credit. All Club Sport athletes will receive either an "S" or "U" as a grade for PEAC 005.
  2. VARSITY SPORT CREDIT: All varsity athletes should register for Varsity Sport Credit (PEAC 000) on-line prior to the add/drop deadline.
  1. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please read these special instructions for the following activity classes: SCUBA, Rock Climbing, Intermediate Sailing, Learn to Sail, Group Fitness, Lifeguard Training, & Stand-Up Paddleboarding.

    • SCUBA: The first class meeting for ALL sections will be the lecture on the first Wednesday of the semester (no pool work the first week of classes). All diving classes meet in the pool at the time listed. Lecture classes meet in room listed on the schedule of courses, Wednesdays 7-9PM. A history of asthma could preclude students from being allowed to enroll in SCUBA Diving class.
    • AIKIDO: All classes meet at the Aikido of Champlain Valley at 257 Pine Street, Burlington. All students must provide their own transportation to the dojo and sign a transportation waiver.
    • ROCK CLIMBING: The first class meeting for Rock Climbing classes will be held at Petra Cliffs Climbing Center, Burlington, VT. Students must provide their own transportation to the climbing center and sign a transportation waiver.
    • INTERMEDIATE SAILING & LEARN TO SAIL: All classes meet at the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center on the Burlington Waterfront.  Follow College Street toward Lake Champlain to the Burlington Bike Path.  At the bike path, walk north about ΒΌ mile.  First class meeting is at the Sailing Center. Students must provide their own transportation to the Sailing Center and sign a transportation waiver.
    • GROUP FITNESS: All students who register for PEAC 027 will be automatically registered for a group fitness pass (no additional charge). This pass will give registered students access to all Campus Recreation group fitness classes throughout the entire semester, even after the class requirement has been met.
    • LIFEGUARDING TRAINING: This course will meet in PFG Room 117 and the pool. Students should report to the pool for the first day of class. All students must be able to swim 300 yards without stopping. All students who have met the course requirements will be able to be tested for their certification at the conclusion of this course.
    • STAND UP PADDLEBOARDING: This class is held off-campus (typically meeting at Perkins Pier); students will be required to sign a transportation waiver and provide their own transportation to and from the waterfront. Boards, paddles and PFD's will be provided.  Students will need to provide appropriate apparel for water activities in a variety of weather conditions and provide their own hydration. 
  2. PEAC FEE REFUNDS: After the Add/Drop period ends, requests for refunds may be requested for consideration through the Senior Associate Director of Campus Recreation, Programs. Requests will be considered on an individual basis and those approved will adhere to the tuition refund schedule set by Student Financial Services.

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