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4-on-4 Flag Football

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Tom Wilson Men's/Co-Rec Advanced RB,WR,DB (206) 450-9842
Experience Former D3 Varsity FB player (4yr starter, graduated in '05) Currently a graduate student at UVM

5-on-5 Basketball

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Sydney Chappell Co-Rec Intermediate Guard (802) 355-7663
Experience Varsity basketball in high school and played AAU during the summer. Since graduating in 2010 I played intramural at my last college and have been participating in women's league.
Casey Carbone Women's/Co-Rec Advanced Forward (802) 535-9008
Experience Played on a D1 varsity team for all four years of high school.
Kaeli Mace Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Forward (315) 262-5046
Cassandra Sutton Women's Intermediate Shooting Guard (607) 244-9802
Experience Played every basketball season of my life since I was four until this year, my freshmen year of college. Played four years on Varsity, starting 3 out of the 4 years.
Kelsey Hamm Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Forward (315) 529-8244
Experience I played basketball throughout high school and continue to play pick-up.
Ida Kruse Women's Advanced Forwad, Center (802) 249-0981
Experience Played at Wheaton College. Graduated 2010. Coached after college. Went to the NCAAs my sophomore year. I love pick up.
Reilly Simoneau Women's Intermediate guard (802) 343-2464
Experience Been playing since 4th grade. Played CYO, School, and AAU
Tory Dumas Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate anything but center (401) 487-1389
Experience played the last 3 years and in High School
Jason Rodriguez Men's Advanced sm fwd (267) 372-0749
Experience 3 years college canada
Rachel Wellman Women's Advanced (802) 730-2818
Experience Played in HS and at UVM for a year.. Just looking to have some fun!! Cant find 4 other people that want to make a team, so I would love to join someone else's if you are looking for an extra :)

CoRec Broomball

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Jacob Combe Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Any (845) 399-7322
Experience I have played intramural.
Keely O'Brien Women's/Co-Rec Beginner Defense? (315) 244-7131
Experience I have no experience with broomball. I played hockey all through high school though so I am hoping that will help.
Chris McCloud Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Center/Wing (571) 334-9999
Experience Played broomball for 3 years straight. Also play floor hockey in summer in local league near my house and in process of learning ice hockey. Know several others interested in playing too.

Floor Hockey

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Chris Grieg Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Any (973) 919-0305
Experience Have played hockey for years

Ice Hockey

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Michael Swain Men's/Co-Rec Advanced defense (216) 403-3268
Experience I played hockey for twelve years including five years of play in tier one and tier two travel hockey.
Dustin Paquette Men's/Co-Rec Advanced Forward and Defenseman (802) 734-5565
Experience I have been playing for 16 years and have played at all levels. I have Trained with Division 3 college but did not play. I also have played junior A and B after four years of high school
Ryan Van Tuinen Men's Advanced Center-Left Wing (802) 760-7179
Experience Played my whole life, highschool in VT, played for Harwood.
joel rosenzweig Men's/Co-Rec Advanced forward or d (202) 203-8582
Experience played for over 10 years, and i like to pass, can also chill on d
Gina Accorsi Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Any (413) 231-7993
Experience Played hockey as a kid and then for a year in high school, but am a first year grad student in the Geology department and haven't played in about 5 years now... Still love to skate, and have always loved hockey. Looking to be a part of a team thats out there to have fun and play a little puck!
Braden Lalancette Co-Rec Intermediate Whatever (802) 598-4734
Experience Never had any formal hockey experience, just been playing pond hockey for a few years, I'm comfortable enough to get by, I love hockey and have plenty of energy
Chris Grieg Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Any (973) 919-0305
Experience Have played hockey for years Played intramural hockey the past 2 years Looking to play on a men's B as well as a Co rec team
Janice Weldon Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Center/R Wing (401) 644-8175
Tyler Britton Men's Advanced Forward/defense (516) 449-4315
Experience Played prep high school & travel ice hockey in New York metro area
Derek Lubetkin Men's Advanced forward (0) -
Experience Played New England Prep hockey. Would like to play in Mens A division
Derek Desany Men's/Co-Rec Advanced Forward (802) 881-6378
Experience I have played ice hockey since I was nine years old. During High School, I took two years off. I picked the sport up again during my junior and senior year in High school. My senior year I played on the Men's Varsity ice hockey team.
Ali Kenney Women's/Co-Rec Advanced Forward (802) 651-0351
Experience Division One Women's Hockey
Justin LaFond Men's/Co-Rec Beginner Any (802) 342-3238
Experience Played pond hockey while growing up. Took a few years off. Getting back into the game. Taking the Learn to Play Hockey class to freshen my game. Not the best, but excited to play.
Scott Hipko Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate forward or defense (802) 847-4117
Experience played through high school but that was years and years ago play pick -up leagues since
Adam Fortin Men's Intermediate Anywhere (802) 370-2938
Experience I've played Highschool, intramural at UVM for 3 years.
Riley Moseley Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Forward or D (802) 579-3636
Experience I played Varsity all 4 years of high school and continue to play through intramurals and pick-ups.
Parker Jenkins Men's/Co-Rec Advanced Forward or Defense (802) 310-0386
Experience Played Intramural A's before, just couldn't get a team together this year. Played High School hockey in VT, and plenty of AAA experience in the past. Know a lot of guys who play Intramurals here so I'm looking to have fun with this
Frederick Cote-Verville Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Defense (802) 999-8596
Experience I have been playing hockey since I was 6 years old
Rebecca Potter Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Defense (802) 380-9470
Experience 4 years of varsity ice hockey in high school playing as a defender.
Ian O'Shaughnessy Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Forward (339) 613-7459
Experience Played competitively through middle school; high I mostly just played pond hockey; now I play stick-n-puck twice a week. I'm decent.

Indoor Soccer

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Tori Study Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Midfield(L,R,C) or Forward (301) 509-0139
Experience I have been playing soccer since I was very little. I have played for my high school team for all four years. Two year on Junior varsity and two years on varsity. During my years of high school soccer I played travel soccer for a DC Stoddert club team.
Tom Wilson Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Any (no GK experience) (206) 450-9842
Experience Have played in several adult leagues, did not play competitive soccer in high school or undergrad (currently a graduate student at UVM) Played varsity football and baseball in college.
Sarah Weiss Women's Advanced Defense or Forward (802) 310-9393
Experience Division 1 High School Varsity Vermont Twin State (All Star) Team 2012
Steve Smith Men's/Co-Rec Advanced Anywhere (207) 216-3963
Experience High School Varsity, starting striker.
Jed Webster Men's/Co-Rec Advanced any (973) 513-3956
Experience High school varsity
Absolutes Ira Men's Intermediate all post. except goal keeping (802) 310-1501
Experience I was an advanced-intermediate soccer player back home. But it's been while I am not practicing in a regular basis; I think i still have intermediate level. Give me a try.
Dan Calano Men's/Co-Rec Advanced Any (802) 752-5498
Experience Varsity for two, JV for two, club since 6th grade
Jacob Combe Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Any (845) 399-7322
Experience I played throughout high school. I can play any position, ideally not goalie.
Sam Farrar Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate back/mid (207) 712-6420
Experience varsity/JV in high school, club since 5th grade
joel rosenzweig Men's/Co-Rec Advanced forward or mid (202) 203-8582
Experience played for over 10 years, and i like to pass, can also chill on d
Kiet Vo Anh Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Just except goalkeeper (802) 777-8428
Experience I''m freshman in UVM. In my hometown i had 4 indoor soccer teams. I have played it since i was a kid. Also i have just played in a national indoor soccer for all univerties called U-league and my team got the third place in all teams. We were regconized by the educational system .
Josefina Kather Women's/Co-Rec Advanced Anything but goalie (443) 453-3248
Experience I have been playing soccer since I was about five. I have been playing intramural soccer here since freshman year.
Todd Raleigh Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Mid and Def (801) 201-6154
Experience Played through HS and intramural college. Can play goalie with intermediate skill if field time is guaranteed (I need my exercise!)
Keely O'Brien Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Midfield, Defense (315) 244-7131
Experience I played on my high school JV team for one year and high school Varsity for three years. I play on a women's league during the summer and have played youth/travel soccer ever since I was 5.
Peter Keny Men's/Co-Rec Advanced Any position except Keeper (802) 922-6578
jeyko Garuz Men's/Co-Rec Advanced any (786) 246-7144
Jennifer Hughes Women's/Co-Rec Advanced Forward/midfield (801) 592-5211
Experience Played semi-professionally for the New York Magic. Also, was 3-time All-American in college and hold records for 3rd all-time leading goal scorer.
Alex Griffin Men's Intermediate (614) 525-0004
Experience Won junior division soccer championships back home in Australia, played casually since then, yeah!


Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Christopher Cummin Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate (860) 961-5200
Chris Grieg Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate (973) 919-0305
Peter Rippberger Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate (339) 364-1909
Tory Dumas Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate any (401) 487-1389
Julian Foster Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Kicker (518) 641-9231
Experience Flashes of lashes and self-ordained politeness, the usual elementary school beat down
Matthew David Cecere Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate 2nd base, outfield (802) 522-5141
Experience I haven't played much kickball seriously but have played schoolyard games throughout my childhood, including a few charity-type events. I am fairly tall and fast, and pretty athletic overall. Furthermore, I have a very good knowledge of the rules through my experience in baseball, and have also played soccer for several years.

Summer 3v3 Outdoor Soccer

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Rhett Harris Co-Rec Advanced Any (0) -
Experience I have played for 20yrs, 4yrs varsity soccer, 2years college. I have also played a lot of 3v3 placing 3rd in nationals in 2003. Just trying to play as much as I can.

Ultimate Frisbee

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Colin Borowske Men's/Co-Rec Advanced Cutter/popper (802) 793-3286
Experience I played college ultimate before I transferred. I also played on a summer club league for a couple of years, and a fall league out of Boston. I also travel to tournaments such as lei out in LA and hightide in Georgia.


Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Kaeli Mace Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate (315) 262-5046
Nicole Reber Women's/Co-Rec Intermediate Setter / back row (508) 341-9047
Experience I have played volleyball for 5 years, two of which were as a setter. I have experience with both setting and as a back row player.
Cindy Cagle Women's Intermediate Outside hitter/passer (802) 310-4938
Experience I played varsity VB all 4 years in highschool in CA, a little college ball and I've been in two different adult leagues here in VT. Wed. nights at the Edge and a Williston league.

Winter Fest 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Name Division Skill Level Position Phone Email
Benjamin Buckingham Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate anywhere (802) 730-6621
Experience i played in high school
Ben Buckingham Men's/Co-Rec Intermediate Guard/Forward (802) 730-6621