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Intramural Free Agent Registration

Ideally individuals are encouraged to form their own team or to find a team themselves. Realizing that this is not always possible, the Intramural Sports Program encourages individuals who do not belong to a team to provide us with the information below. In our most popular sports there are often several free agent. Free agents are welcome and encouraged to contact other free agents to form a team while registration is still open.

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4-on-4 Flag Football
5-on-5 Basketball
CoRec Broomball
Floor Hockey
Ice Hockey
Indoor Soccer
Summer 3v3 Outdoor Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee
Winter Fest 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
Men's: Women's:
By submitting the above information you are authorizing the Intramural Sports Program staff permission to post your phone number, email address, and other information on the available free agent page. I also understand that signing up as a Free Agent does not guarantee a spot on a team; it is a tool to help me publicize my availability and desire to play.

If you encounter problems with submitting your information please email