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TheUVM Campus Recreation Personal Training Program is for everyone who has a valid recreational membership.  Not a member? Check out the possibility of becoming a member.

Our Goal....It is our goal to motivate, guide, and educate clients to achieve their fitness goals and overall wellness.

Do you have questions??? We invite you to stop by the office to talk with one of our certified trainers. Our office is located in the fitness center. Enter the door on the right before entering the upstairs track. You can also call us 802-656-9715 or email us

Stop by during office hours on Mondays or Thursdays from 5-6:30pm or Sunday from 6:30-8:00pm. Our Head Personal Trainer Shelby Bentzoni will be happy to speak with you.

Online registration open online here or let us help you with the registration process by contacting us via phone 802-656-9715.

We will do our best to match you with a Personal Trainer based on availability and preferences. Our goal is for your personal trainer to contact you within 48 business hours of when your paperwork is submitted. If you have not heard from your trainer please email us feedback

Personal Training Packages-

Each of our personal training packages include personal consultations and a fitness assessment as needed for the client and trainer to set goals. The 60 minute sessions will follow individualized and comprehensive fitness programs designed by your trainer based on the client's goals and current fitness level. We offer one-on-one and group training (2-4 people) packages.




Single Session
$50 $60
3 Sessions
$140 $170
6 Sessions
$240 $300
12 Sessions
$440 $560
24 Sessions
$820 $1,060
Group Training
(8 Sessions)
$140/per student $180/per member

Additional Information

With any questions or to get help with registration, contact Fitness Programs office by calling (802) 656-9715 or emailing

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