1. 1. Should there be an Administrative Systems Client group to act in an advisory capacity to IT providers for things like:
    • Who are the IT providers, in the first place?
    • Should IT provisioning be on a general funded, income/expense or outsourced basis?
    • How much customization to do on proprietary packages vis-a-vis the effort later on to maintain such code, or do we simply adjust our way of doing business to work with the new software?
    • Who says when and how old things get removed in favor of new things, or do we continue to do old and new at the same time?
    • How do we become an electronic campus, or is that what we should be doing,and if so, which processes are candidates for IT?
    • How should file servers be funded, managed, upgraded and used?
    • How should desk top resources be funded, managed, upgraded and used?
    • How should host systems be funded, managed, upgraded and used?
    • What are the priorities for clients using UVM's administrative systems (FRS is not friendly, so I will develop my own shadow FRS system)?
    • Why is so much paper produced and then shredded?
    • What happens to AIS staff allocated to Banner after June 30 (can they be re-assigned to HRS, FRS, data warehousing, FOCUS, Bullseye, and who decides that?);
    • Do the administrative systems include Banner, NOTIS, BSR/Advance, Flex, AES, only mainframe or mainframe and file server applications, along with HRS, FRS and PROFS?
    • Where does each fit in the overall priorities for administrative systems?
    • How are new additional priorities and emergencies to be handled?
    • How are unfunded mandates handled?
    • How are priorities re-ordered in the light of changing requirements, monies and staff in client and IT providers' areas?
    • How can better desk top support be provided for all those who use and work with administrative systems?
  2. Is the "Doing IT at UVM" strategic document still valid? How is this to be implemented? Who has the responsibility to make it (IT) happen?
  3. Where does telecommuting fit in and how is it to be implemented?
  4. What are the roles of the many committees and task forces that address IT issues for the campus? What are or have been the results of such entities to date?
  5. Is there a corollary staff group to the Faculty Senate Technologies Committee? Should there be? And students? How do we get the sense of our constituents, i.e. students, faculty and staff who need access to our administrative systems and address them?
  6. How should we meet the needs of those who are or feel disenfranchised, e.g. use of the web versus gopher, don't (know how to) use email or electronic services, must continue to get paper, don't have the equipment, uneven services at off-campus locations.