A Vision of Information Technology at UVM

Draft 3

There is an ongoing and coordinated central mechanism with campus representation guiding IT planning and resource allocation, resulting in a robust IT infrastructure upon which progressively beneficial projects are built. Employing this modern electronic technology fosters an environment of collaboration and open sharing of information.

University information resources are designed in a way that optimizes ease of use and support.

Institutional information is available to all who need it, along with the education and guidance necessary to interpret it correctly.

Students, faculty and staff are able to depend upon the reliability and integrity of the systems to do their work.

The guiding principles in achieving and maintaining this status for use of technology at UVM are improving service and adding value, which includes cost decreases and revenue enhancements. These are applied in the context of expected continuing limitations on resources and the increasingly competitive nature of higher education.

Last revised: 8 April 1997