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Meet the Radiation Safety Office Personnel

Meet Keddy Bharathan, Director and Radiation Safety Officer, e-mail Keddy here

Meet Thomas Kellogg, Associate Radiation Safety Officer and Laser Safety Officer, e-mail Tom here

Meet Ronald Kimball, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, e-mail Ron here

Donna Durick, Budget and Administrative Coordinator, e-mail Donna here

Meet the Radiation Safety Committee

The RSC By-laws approved December 2012 and may be viewed here.

.Membership List 2013
  • Keddy Bharathan, Radiation Safety Office            Ex Officio
  • Ruth Farrell, Sponsored Programs Office               Ex Officio
  • Jonathan Boyson, Surgery
  • Ahmad Chaudhry, Medical Lab and Radiation Sciences                                      
  • Francis Churchill, Risk Management                      Ex Officio
  • Wolfgang Dostmann, Pharmacology                        
  • Dan Harvey, Office of the VP for Research           Ex Officio
  • John Hughes, Geology, Vice Chair
  • Scott Kathe, Micro & Molecular Genetics
  • Thomas Kellogg, Radiation Safety Office              Ex Officio
  • Marleen Moore, FAHC - Medical Physics             Ex Officio
  • Mercedes Rincon, Medicine, Chair                         

The Purpose of the Radiation Safety Committee

February 13, 2009

The Radiation Safety Committee is a federally mandated committee, appointed by the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, consisting of both faculty and staff which represent various departments that possess radioactive materials and/or x-ray producing equipment. The members of this committee are appointed to a 3-year term, and can be renewed.  The committee meets as often as necessary but at least once per calendar quarter. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

The purpose of the Radiation Safety Committee is as follows;

        1.    Establish policies and regulations on all matters relating to the safe handling and use of ionizing radiation sources at the University.

        2.    Review and approve all research and instructional activities involving ionizing radiation sources at the University.

        3.    Ensure that the rights and welfare of all persons involved with ionizing radiation sources are adequately protected.

        4.    Ensure that any risks to individuals are far outweighed by the potential benefit or by the general importance of the knowledge to be gained.

        5.    Terminate or place irrevocable restrictions on the use of ionizing radiation sources in a research study.

        6.     Investigate actual or suspected violations of safety rules or improper use of ionizing radiation sources brought to its attention by the Radiation Safety Office or other responsible personnel; and recommend corrective action to be taken.


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