Present: Roger Lawson, Lauck Parke, Mark Fitzsimmons, Deborah Shenk, David Punia, Martha Cafferky, Geetha Ramanathan, Patrick Russell, Keith Kennedy

- A discussion about tackling the writing tasks. It was agreed that the "writer/volunteers" should meet to kick off the effort.

- Handouts

MF. We need to present our recommendations for the classroom of the future.

Discussion about any further use of the equipment data we have. MC suggests we analyze by grant VS. gl to allow us to calculate the financial impact of the "phone" model more accurately. K will produce a new analysis with input from MC.

Classroom discussion.
DS asks "How many classrooms altogether?". unanswered.

Discussion of IT jobs.
What is the distribution of tasks for these positions? ie. What are people in IT jobs doing what % of the time? MC will work with RL to further analyze the data from Human Resources.

Discussion of network and telephone infrastructure
UVM is leaning toward a single comprehensive "communications" rolling the datacomm costs into the phone charge. Current PBX schedule looks like fall 99 implementation.

Discussion of internet II
People are wondering if it is worth the investment at this point in time or if a "band wagon" mentality is at work. PR & DP volunteered to work on the Internet 2 portion of the report.

Discussion of projects that may be appropriate for external funding proposals.

Discussion of open forum
Group generally supported the idea and accepted the proposal that we hold it when a draft report is available. 1st or 2nd week of November. It will function as a reality check, and provide useful feedback which can be incorporated into the final report.

Discussion of feedback from informal interviews.

Discussion of desktop deployment methodology.

Web development team proposal.
KK outlined a draft proposal for a recommendation for a web development team RM, KK, and GR will work on a web proposal.

DP, KK, and GR will work on an "automated workflow" proposal.