Information Technology Task Force meeting

Nov 13, 1997


Attending: Martha Cafferky, Mark Fitzsimmons, David Howell, Keith Kennedy, Roger Lawson, Rebecca Martin, David Punia, Geetha Ramanathan, Deborah Shenk

Much of last Thursdays meeting focused on feedback received so far on the draft report. In general, there has not been a lot of screaming reactions. There have been many positive comments. Roger reported that Jon and Ray were pleased with it. Specific comments were:

A lot of discussion followed regarding development of a financial model and implementation plan. I may have missed some of this because I was so busy listening, talking and reacting that my notes suffered. But basically the general feeling was that we don't necessarily have to get it perfect but we need some modeling to put some "legs" under the recommendations. That we should itemize some current reality, look again at the wage and salary analysis, identify which budgets we are assuming are or are not available for re-allocation. I agreed to look at HRS data again from a slightly different approach than the data we already have. In general, it was agreed that we have to give the administration and the community something to which they can react.

We also talked about desktop support and how to model that out, who would report to the CLIO, reporting lines (dotted versus solid), and the placement of a variety of units on the organizational chart. Distance learning was discussed as an example of the complexity involved in establishing, or modifying these linkages.

Lastly we were reminded of INFODay on Nov. 20 (tomorrow) and the Open forum on Monday Nov. 24th.

Martha Cafferky